Financial Benchmarks

The financial planning of a business is naturally the starting point for many investors. Some companies find it easy to provide misleading statements about financial performance which may not be obtainable by many projects. As the most experienced bowling company in the world, at Brunswick we rely on our expertise and actual customers’ performance to consult with you on the opportunities different business models can actually provide.

The financial performance of any center will be driven by several key points.

  • Business model – traditional, boutique, FEC, hybrid
  • Location and demographics
  • Attractions or venues that are offered in addition to bowling
  • Square footage of venues and total facility
  • Operational excellence

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) for many centers can range from 30-40%, but again the performance of your center will be driven by the points above.

For example, as reported by our Brunswick Forum Group of new center investors, the revenue per lane for the larger FEC/hybrid entertainment centers averages over $100,000 per lane, with some reporting as high as $200,000 per lane. These types of centers typically have a larger variety of venues offered and the investors have a high degree of expertise in how they operate their businesses. The total revenue per square foot for any facility will depend on the square footage of each venue offered.

Let’s Get Started

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