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Industry Facts

Bowling is one of the world’s top recreational activities, capturing the imagination of audiences from all age categories and demographic segments. Bowling draws over 100 million participants annually in 100 countries, creating a $10 billion global industry. It has almost double the active participants of golf, and more than three times the active participants of tennis or skiing in the United States. Today, bowling has evolved into a year-round, multi-leisure activity combining sport, recreation, and entertainment. With the application of new technologies and the emergence of new business models, bowling has broadened its global customer base by offering a diversity of entertainment and recreational options. The bowling industry continues to grow in popularity and offers many opportunities for profit and growth.

  • Bowling is an industry on the rise – there has been a tremendous resurgence in the sport, fueled by new interest from younger bowlers and the advent of “entertainment” bowling centers*
  • In the U.S., bowling is gaining significant interest through multiple outlets including Wall Street Journal, ABC’s Good Morning America and Forbes Magazine
  • Bowling is the nation’s #1 participatory sport with more than 70 million people* having bowled in 2012 across approximately 5,400 centers
  • Bowling draws over 100 million participants annually in 100 countries
  • While the misperception exists that bowling is enjoyed mostly by older males, in reality, the average bowler is 29 years old and females make up 49% of all bowlers*
  • Centers are more profitable than in years past – more families bowl, centers are selling more food and beverages and drawing broader demographics*
  • While some older, smaller bowling centers may close, many are being replaced by larger “entertainment” bowling centers that are revitalizing the industry*
  • Bowling revenue is growing with recreational bowlers compared to league bowlers – with recreational bowlers spending 4-5 times more per visit*

*As reported by the Bowling Proprietors Association of America at

Benefits of Retail Bowling

  • Bowling is a cash business with no receivables
    and very low inventories
  • After the initial investment, a bowling business
    requires little working capital
  • Operating leverage—once expenses are covered revenue flows to the bottom line
  • Repeat customers form the basis of the business
  • Long-term value—bowling centers operate
    for generations
  • Proven popularity—not a fad!
  • Appeals to every age group and demographic
  • Recession resistant—historically, retail bowling
    outperforms other retail businesses in bad
    economic times

Why Brunswick?

For more than 168 years, Brunswick has manufactured and perfected the equipment that has driven the rise of the bowling business—from automatic pinsetters to Cosmic Bowling®. No other equipment manufacturer has contributed so much ingenuity to the game over so long a time. And that tradition of game-changing innovation continues to this day. Indeed, no one beats Brunswick for the intelligence, functionality and overall value that we build into each and every piece of bowling equipment.

Whether you’re modernizing an existing center or building a brand-new one, Brunswick offers every major system and type of equipment you need. Our complete line of top-performing products ranges from Sync scoring and management system —the smartest center management system in the game—to the latest model of our legendary and reliable GS® series pinsetters to higher-scoring/longer-lasting synthetic lanes to the very latest styles in bowling center furnishings. With this comprehensive line, you can literally outfit your center from wall to wall with Brunswick products, knowing that everything will work together seamlessly and that your investment will pay back handsome returns year after year.

Besides making the world’s top line of bowling center equipment, we offer a full range of support services that center owners need to maximize their effectiveness and profitability. We’re here to help analyze which investments are best suited for you, expertly install your new equipment, professionally train you on its use and maintenance, offer 24/7 product support, and even help with marketing your center. The bottom line is: No matter what assistance you need to get the most out of Brunswick products, you can count on us to deliver it.

To have a successful bowling center, you have to create an environment that draws customers in and keeps them coming back year after year. To do that, you need a strategic partner that’s here to stay. With more than 168 years of experience and products installed in more than 70% of the world’s bowling centers, Brunswick is the best-known and most-trusted name in the game—adding value to every aspect of your business.

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