It takes a carefully crafted plan, a solid strategy, and the coordinated use of qualified resources to achieve success in new center development. Brunswick’s planning specialists, with years of experience with hundreds of center development projects, offer customers a wide range of resources and strategies, to meet every possible development need.

As part of the new center development process, Brunswick works closely with new investors to develop a working business plan. Individual plans are developed by conducting extensive feasibility studies, site analysis, market and demographic reviews, as well as in-depth financial evaluations.

In addition to assistance developing your business plan, Brunswick can provide a number of other resources to assist you in the planning process. These resources are outlined below and can be accessed through other sections of this site and the Related Docs menu on the right.

Financial Benchmarks

Financial benchmarks are provided for you to better understand the financial requirements and potential return-on-investment as you continue to explore the possibility of a bowling center investment.

Preplanning Guide

This bowling center Preplanning Guide provides a checklist of items for you to discuss with your architect and building contractor. It will help you anticipate your current and future needs, as well as create the most efficient design possible. Once you have taken the first steps detailed in this guide, you are ready to move on to Brunswick’s Comprehensive Planning Guide.

Comprehensive Planning Guide

This valuable guide, available exclusively to investors selecting Brunswick as their solution provider, takes you step-by-step through the process of designing and building a bowling-focused business. It includes information on all the important factors to consider when planning a bowling center from acoustics to parking considerations.

View a sample of the Comprehensive Planning Guide with highlights of the information available to you. To request a complete Comprehensive Planning Guide, please complete the U.S. New Center Investment Form or the Outside The U.S. New Center Investment Form. Once your form is submitted, a Brunswick representative will contact you by the following business day.

Project Timeline

The Project Timeline covers all phases of a typical new center development project from concept to completion. To view a sample Project Timeline, go to the Quick Links section to the right.

Let’s Get Started

To learn more about new center development and how Brunswick can help, please complete one of the New Center Investment Forms below. This brief form will help us determine your phase of planning and allow us to guide you toward the proper resources. Once your form is submitted, a Brunswick representative will contact you by the following business day to assist you. If you have additional questions please contact us.

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