May 18, 2016

Maple Family Centers Chooses Sync Scoring and Management System for Countryside Lanes

MUSKEGON, Mich., May 18, 2016 – Brunswick’s Sync bowling and management system was just what John and Joe LaSpina had in mind when it came time to renovate Countryside Lanes in Clearwater, Florida.

“We wanted one system that would control all of our POS needs — bowling, food and beverage, credit card processing, and cash control — while integrating all our products and providing one set of reports,” said Joe LaSpina. LaSpina is vice president of Maple Family Centers, which purchased Countryside Lanes in late 2013. Maple Family Centers, founded by Peter J. LaSpina in 1960, operates four centers in the New York City Metro area and Clearwater, Florida.

Sync met all of LaSpina’s requirements and more. Brunswick developed Sync to help bowling center proprietors increase sales and profits by addressing their most pressing challenges — driving traffic, increasing average sales, and encouraging repeat visits. Features include sophisticated marketing tools, enhanced scoring and graphics, improved guest and lane management tools, and fully integrated back-office management and reporting.

“For me as a proprietor, the key benefit is the ability to market smarter using Sync’s customer relationship manager (CRM),” said LaSpina. “At this early stage, it’s hard to put an exact ROI on it, but Sync will definitely help us book more events. And Sync streamlines and integrates the party booking process. Previously, there were several touch points required (handwritten party agreements, keying information into the POS reservation screen, manually sending an email confirmation, and putting any new information back into the system). There were lots of opportunities for important information to fall through the cracks. Now, Sync allows everything to happen in one place.”

LaSpina said Sync will deliver benefits to the staff as well, with simpler POS functions and only one system to learn to use. Sync also provides plenty of enhancements for customers.

“Sync’s ‘fun’ features are very cool,” said LaSpina. “The customer interface, the graphics, and the games are all very entertaining, which is key to providing bowlers with an exceptional experience. We can quickly change themes on the lanes, from competitive themes for competitive bowlers to fun themes for more casual bowlers to kid themes and games for our youngest guests. Sync’s CRM allows us to customize all the in-game branding and advertising to target those different segments, which will help us increase sales.”

When Maple Family Centers purchased Countryside Lanes, the facility was running Center Master Plus Frameworx, and MICROS in the bar. Knowing that the Sync system was in development at Brunswick, LaSpina decided to upgrade to Vector Plus with Frameworx as an intermediate step. When the time came for a major renovation, LaSpina made Sync a key part of it.

“We were seriously considering SYNC from the start, but we also looked at several other systems,” said LaSpina. “None of them convinced us to change directions. My family has worked with Brunswick since Eisenhower was president. It’s about the people behind the product as much as the product itself. We know we can count on Brunswick for exceptional service.”

Renovations currently underway at Countryside Lanes include a new redemption arcade and a major overhaul to both the bar and kitchen in addition to the installation of the Sync system. Countryside features 40 lanes, Lucky’s sports bar, and a thriving pro shop serving both competitive and casual bowlers.