Brunswick News

  1. 05/18/10

    New Movie Theater Complex Features Brunswick Lanes

    New Muviville Entertainment Complex includes Brunswick Bowling Lanes; Wows Customers with Ultimate Entertainment Experience

  2. 05/17/10

    Service Bulletin 10-5

    Muskegon Training School Updates

  3. 05/05/10

    Largest Entertainment Center in the Ukraine Features Brunswick Lanes

    The largest Family Entertainment Center (FEC) in the Ukraine, Entertainment World Cosmix, which is also one of the largest entertainment complexes in the entire territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), recently started its operation in the country’s capital, Kiev.

  4. 04/29/10

    World Championship Winner, Tom Smallwood, Joins Brunswick Pro Staff

    Tom Smallwood, rookie-bowler and 2009 Professional Bowlers Association World Championship winner, has joined the Brunswick Pro Staff.

  5. 04/12/10

    Service Bulletin 10-2

    Vector Plus Software, Version 2.8.12

  6. 04/12/10

    Service Bulletin 10-4

    Frameworx Tel-E-Foul Cover Lens Improvement

  7. 04/09/10

    Service Bulletin 10-1

    A22 Distance Encoder Sprocket Shield

  8. 04/01/10

    Service Bulletin 10-3

    Vector Plus CNS Operation Tips

  9. 03/31/10

    Record number of visitors watch live online scoring during 2010 Brunswick Euro Challenge

    Bowling fans viewed scores live and in real-time, as the competition unfolded

  10. 03/24/10

    Boondocks Fun Center Kaysville Opens Its Doors With Brunswick Bowling Lanes

    Twenty lanes of bowling combine old-fashioned fun, with the latest technology