Brunswick News

  1. 10/06/09

    Brunswick Launches New Ball Line with Legendary Bowler Carmen Salvino

    Brunswick has combined the industry’s best research and development with the scientific knowledge and expertise of a legendary bowler. The C•(System) 2.5 with Chemical Friction Technology (CFT) — the most unique, high-performance bowling ball introduced to the bowling industry in quite some time.

  2. 10/02/09

    Service Bulletin 09-8

    Remove T-band Board Bolts with Thread Sealant

  3. 09/15/09

    Service Bulletin 09-7

    Pinball Wizard II Motors & Timing Switches

  4. 09/09/09

    Brunswick Provides Lane Conditioning Support for Sixth Year at 2009 Lee Evans Tournament...

    Six-time sponsor Brunswick Bowling & Billiards supplied the lane maintenance support and products, including the newly developed Connect™ lane conditioner, which along with high-scoring Brunswick Pro Lane™, allowed four perfect games, for 121 bowlers at the 2009 Lee Evans Tournament of Americas.

  5. 09/07/09

    Service Bulletin 09-6

    GS Pinsetter Manual Updates

  6. 08/07/09

    Service Bulletin 09-5

    Motor Overload Relay

  7. 05/22/09

    Service Bulletin 09-4

    Authority22 Lane Machine Cleaner Spray Nozzles

  8. 04/24/09

    Service Bulletin 09-3

    GS-X Pinsetter Pin Station

  9. 02/13/09

    Service Bulletin 09-2

    Authority22 Spin-On Oil Filter Replacement

  10. 01/16/09

    Service Bulletin 09-1

    Cleanworx Replacement Battery Hazard