Brunswick News

February 16, 2001

Service Bulletin 01-1

Bankshot and Pinball Wizard Vertical Support Replacement

The Bankshot and Pinball Wizard Vertical Support has been redesigned. The new Vertical Support is available as a replacement service part. Details for ordering are listed below. As part of the new design the Vertical Support Arms are now available as a left-hand (7-pin side) and a right-hand (10 pin side). We have also replaced the original clip with a more robust style for use on the original pins. Additional Pins and Clips are available for order as well.

Experience has indicated that most broken supports occur in the first three positions nearest the foul line. With that in mind, we are offering replacement Vertical Support Arms at no charge as a preventive maintenance measure. To more than ensure you are taken care of, we will send you five left and five right handed Vertical Support Arms for each lane of Bankshot or Pinball Wizard you own. We will also include at no charge, 10 replacement pins for these uprights, enough of the new clips to replace all the old clips on your lanes, as well as a tool to replace them with. Use these new Vertical Support Arms to replace the existing Vertical Support Arms you have in the first five hole positions on each side from the foul line. The Vertical Support Arms that are removed can then be retained and used as spares in hole positions down the lane.

To receive your replacement parts please fill out the form on page 2 and mail or fax it to our warranty department at the address listed below. Attached to this Service Letter are Service parts pages for Pinball Wizard for your reference This offer ends May 31, 2001.

Ordering information:
For additional spares of the items above, you may order them using the following information.
84-200454-002 Vertical Support left-hand (7-pin side)
84-200454-001 Vertical Support right-hand (10-pin side)
84-200458-001 Upper pin
11-537050-000 Upper Clip
84-200472-000 Clip Installation tool

Mail or fax information to:
Brunswick Warranty
525 West Laketon Ave
Muskegon, MI 49443
Fax 231-725-4966
Phone 800-323-8141