Brunswick News

March 07, 2001

Service Bulletin 01-2

Frameworx Flat Screen Problems

In the past few months Brunswick has been working to improve the reliability and durability of the Frameworx flatscreens. After visiting several bowling centers and reviewing warranty records, we have identified key issues that MAY impact the flatscreens in your center.

These issues include: – Touchscreen Lockups – Touchworx Controller positioning and covers – Cracked Bosses (The plastic stand where the flat panel attaches to the front cover.) – Cracked Flatscreens – Floor mounted (Wishbone) flatscreens cannot be locked into position. – Loose/Broken Stop Pins

Although resolving some of these issues will require a Brunswick service call, we need your center mechanic to do two things in order to assist us in resolving your flatscreen issues.

1. Enclosed are instructions explaining how to make a simple wiring change that can substantially reduce flatscreen lockups. Please do this now.
2. Complete the attached flatscreen survey that will help Brunswick determine which issues are present in your center so that your service call will be efficient and productive.

Please complete the wiring change and survey as soon a possible so that we can schedule a service call to correct the other flatscreen issues. If you have any questions, please call the Customer Help Line at 1.800.323.8141.