Brunswick News

May 22, 2001

Service Bulletin 01-4

GS Pinsetter Corner Belting Angle Reduction

With the changing world of lane conditioners and cleaners, we have noticed an increase in pin jams in the front corners of the GS Series Pinsetter distributor. Refer to Figure 1. We have devised and tested a procedure that reduces the occurrence of the corner jams. The pages following detail this simple procedure that takes approximately 20 minutes per pinsetter.

The following is a recommended list of tools:
· 3/8” off-angle 45 Degree Drill Motor
· 9mm drill bit
· Metric ruler
· 3/8” Drive Socket with 10 mm & 13mm Sockets
· 10 and 13mm Wrenches (Spanners)

In addition, we recommend that you be ever diligent in cleaning your green belts with lane cleaner. We have found that Invincible Lane Cleaner (P/N 62-860055) works well in removing the new conditioners that may contain silicone which has been causing many of the problems you are facing. Also as a part of regular maintenance, you
must keep the belts adjusted and tensioned properly. Finally, don’t forget to clean the bowling pins, pin decks and transport bands that track the oil to the belts in the first place.