Brunswick News

January 16, 2009

Service Bulletin 09-1

It has come to our attention that when replacing the batteries for the Cleanworx machine, it is possible to create an electrical shock/fire hazard. The original design of this area of the machine utilized a German made, Sonnennschein Battery. This battery has terminals that sit well below the edge of the top frame and are covered by a protective insulating boot. Refer to Figures 1 & 2 in the printable version.

If you replace this battery with the China made, Narada battery, you will notice that the battery terminals are mounted much higher on the battery and can run the risk of contacting the upper frame. Refer to Figure 3 in the printable version.

To ensure that this terminal style is used safely, Sunrich has included with this bulletin, an insulating cover strip for you to apply to the edge of the metal frame so that it is not exposed to the terminal. Refer to Figure 4 in the printable version.

Note: You should also ensure that the original insulating boots are always used to prevent the battery terminals from becoming a shock/fire hazard. Refer to Figure 5 in the printable version.