Better Construction

Durable Components

No-sag springs and premium foam used in Center Stage is more durable, providing years of comfort and virtually no maintenance costs.

When thin foam is mounted to a plywood base the continual compression of the foam against the plywood will cause the foam to break down and wear out. This can lead to unsightly fabric wrinkles and higher maintenance costs. Center Stage furniture has minimal foam compression due to its no-sag springs, which means no wrinkles along with increased comfort.

Convenient Access

Multifunctional legs keep Center Stage 6” above the floor–designed specifically to allow cleaning equipment easy access.

Secure and Flexible

The innovative leg design on our furniture allows the legs to be easily attached to the floor and leveled. Multiple furniture pieces can be attached together with an easy-to-use ganging bracket, creating a stable and secure furniture system.

Table Leveling Glides

The leveling glides make sure your table is always in balance on the most uneven surfaces.

Keep it in place

Ability to bolt furniture to the floor for safety and a tidy-looking space.

Cast Iron Bases

Durable cast iron bases mean Center Stage tables will withstand the punishment of daily use year after year.

Easy to keep clean

Our contoured 3-D laminate tabletop eliminates seams that accumulate dirt and bacteria, and features the highest level of durability.

Strength Where it Counts

Metal-to-metal connection points are used in all critical areas. Plywood that is 7/8” thick, versus 1/2” or 3/4”, results in a more solid and durable construction. A final measure of added strength and reinforcement comes from gluing all non-critical areas.

Quality Finishing

Sewn corners are properly finished and are not susceptible to bowler damage.


The commercial-grade Crypton® fabrics and premium grade of Naugahyde outperform the leading competitor and look great doing it.

More Comfortable

With its thicker seat and ergonomically correct back height, Center Stage is built to provide a comfortable seating environment. The taller back also provides just the right amount of separation for privacy between lanes.