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Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology Meets Real-World Expectations

Brunswick’s dedication to advancing the experience of bowling is as evident today as it was 150 years ago. Brunswick continues that tradition with a strong commitment to research and development, technical engineering, and on-site training for proprietors and mechanics. From Throbot – our state-of-the-art ball-throwing robot – to our dedicated 3C’s development team, Brunswick continually invests in advanced scientific research to measure and enhance performance bowling products.

As the leading manufacturer of everything bowling – including a full line of cleaners, conditioners, and lane cloth – Brunswick is in a unique position to assure each component works in harmony with all the others for the maximum good of the sport and your business.

Exclusive PBA Supplier

Exclusive Lane Maintenance Supplier of the PBA

Brunswick’s status as the Exclusive Lane Maintenance Supplier of the Professional Bowlers Association reflects our leadership position in lane maintenance. Beyond the PBA, our 3C’s products, lane machines with Direct+ technology, and dedicated personnel have been trusted to perform lane maintenance at hundreds of tournaments in the US and across the world – events where the expectations and stakes are at their highest.

Whether you are hosting tournaments or focused on open play, Brunswick values your business. That’s why we have our engineers calculate, formulate, and run test after test to assure Brunswick lane maintenance products represent the leading edge in quality, technology, and performance. Backed by the 24/7/365 support of Brunswick’s Technical Services team, Aftermarket Product Specialists in North America, and dedicated distributors servicing centers in over 60 countries across the world, you will always get the very best performance and the very best value when you choose Brunswick lane maintenance products.

Great Shot

Happier Bowlers = Bigger Revenue

Struggling to maintain a consistent, high-scoring lane condition that keeps your bowlers happy? Utilize Brunswick’s complimentary “Great Shot” service.

A Brunswick Product Specialist will come to your center to evaluate your lane conditions, including pulling tapes, to get the shot your center needs. All at no charge!

No matter what type of lane machine, supplies or lanes your center has, let us assist you in improving your shot. We can help. Contact a Brunswick Product Specialist in your area. >>

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