Oil Pattern Troubleshooting

I have too much carry-down?

Decrease the distance of the applied oil in the center of the lane leaving the pattern distance the same. This adjustment increases the buff distance and reduces the oil thickness at the end of the pattern.

My back ends are too strong?

Lengthen the pattern to “tone” down the ball reaction. Make sure that the conditioner application distance does not change, only the total pattern distance.

I don’t have enough hold?

Hold is created by the length and amount of oil in the “mid-lane” (20-32 ft.). This is done by applying oil in the mid-lane on the reverse pass of most lane machines. Lengthening the reverse application distance creates hold oil which allows the ball to more consistently guide to the breakpoint. Brunswick’s Authority22 easily accomplishes this by adding oil to the required boards in the Zones (20-32ft) during the forward run.

I have no swing area?

A lack of swing area can be caused by two things: 1. too much oil applied to the outside boards or 2. “crowned” lane topography. Reduce the amount of oil on the outside boards if there is too much. If topography is the problem, contact your professional lane resurfacer.

Heads hook?

Two things cause the heads to hook. 1. Not enough oil applied to the head area. 2. The physical condition of the heads. To increase the volume of oil in the heads, slow the machine down on the reverse pass. With Brunswick’s Authority22 direct oil system, during the forward run you can increase the units of oil by board in the head Zone(s) to resolve this problem.

The mid-lane ball track hooks too much?

The mid-lane ball track can hook if there is not enough oil or if there is too much oil. This can be determined by looking at the pattern settings along with Computer Lane Monitor graphs.

For help with your lane conditions, call 1-800-YES-BOWL, or contact your Brunswick Aftermarket Product Specialist.