Authority22® W22™
Lane Conditioner

Authority22 W22’s enhanced additive package combined with a special blend of top-grade oils creates an easy to use product with reduced carry down that can be easily removed with normal daily cleaning. This premium performance lane conditioner works great on all lane surfaces and can be used with all lane machine technologies. It is Brunswick’s top recommendation for synthetic lanes.

  • 100% solids, 22.0 viscosity.
  • 100% Silicone free.
  • Pattern friendly, mechanic friendly.
  • Special grade Swedish oil.
  • Formulated for all lane surfaces.
Part Number
  • 62-860205-005

Throbot, Brunswick’s state-of-the-art ball-throwing robot, is an example of Brunswick’s commitment to use scientific research to develop and enhance the world’s best lane maintenance products. Throbot testing provides objective, comparable data on conditioner performance.

Authority22® W22™
Speed Loss (MPH)
Speed Loss (KPH)
Oil Predictability
8.12 (15)
Backend Predictability
6.09 (10)