Lane Conditioner

The latest and most advanced conditioner from Brunswick defies breakdown and movement to provide the longest-lasting performance of any lane conditioner sold today. DEFY’s enhanced Flo-back technology practically eliminates the effect of ball tracks through the heads while minimizing the movement of conditioner down lane. Extensive ThrobotTM testing has shown DEFY lasts up to 30% longer than other conditioners, providing unmatched pattern consistency. When looking to conquer one of the biggest challenges that bowlers face – their shot breaking down to soon – DEFY is the answer.

  • Excellent solution for high-lineage centers
  • More consistent shot requires less bowler adjustments
  • Longer lasting; may require less frequent applications
  • Specialty blend of top-grade oils and unique additives
  • Low-viscosity, high-lubricity conditioner
  • Compatible with all lane machines and lane surfaces
  • 100% solids, 20.0 viscosity
  • Silicon-free
  • Throbot tested and bowler approved
  • Available in a case of 4 – 1 gallon containers
Part Number
  • 62-860164-004

Watch DEFY in Action

See why bowlers and center operators are raving about DEFY! Watch the video to see DEFY’s Flo-Back Technology in action.

Less adjustments and
more satisfied customers.

The graph displays the pattern breakdown, at an eight foot distance, of over the course of a 40 ball ThroBot test. DEFY and DEFYv30 protect the lane surface better than our competition’s best products and transition 30% less.

Throbot, Brunswick’s state-of-the-art ball-throwing robot, is an example of Brunswick’s commitment to use scientific research to develop and enhance the world’s best lane maintenance products. Throbot testing provides objective, comparable data on conditioner performance.

Speed Loss (MPH)
Speed Loss (KPH)
Oil Predictability
11.35 (15)
Backend Predictability
6.73 (10)