Lane Accessories

Complete your bowling lanes, greatly expand their functionality and flair, and properly care for them to achieve maximum performance and durability.

Brunswick offers a full range of integrated lane accessories that are sure to give your lanes a polished look. From ball returns and capping to Brunswick’s exclusive Lightworx Division Lighting System, we’ve got you covered.

Pin Deck Lighting

Lightworx LED Pin Deck Lighting features multi-colored lights and dozens of preset and custom programs that will take your Cosmic atmosphere to a whole new level. The fixtures and lights are controlled by a programmable DMX controller.

Each fixture contains 252 LED lights that display every color in the spectrum with one LED light fixture required per lane and an independent power source for every 12-14 lanes. Fixtures can be mounted to GS pinsetters in centers with Frameworx scoring or mounted to A-2, GS or StringPin pinsetters in centers with Vector scoring.

Division Lighting

The patented technology behind Lightworx Division Lighting turns the elevated division rails that run between your lanes into spectacular, moving light floor shows.

With so many LED lights, colors, patterns and sequences, Lightworx makes for an amazing show — day or night. 18 LED light modules down each division produce a dazzling array of movement and color. Ten preset patterns and three different sequences deliver a large selection of visual effects that synchronize with the music.

When you combine this lighting system with the glow-light effects of Cosmic Bowling, the results are spectacular.

Pinball Wizard®
Bumper System

With Pinball Wizard, Brunswick took a good idea—bumper rails to keep little ones from rolling gutter balls—and made it even better. Here, motorized rails are raised or lowered automatically—bowler by bowler—as selected during player setup at the beginning of a game. CNS integration makes it easy, using simple commands on the input keypad or LCD. The system also allows for manual game-by-game (or even frame-by-frame) control and adjustments from the front desk.

The patented design is engineered to last with heavy-duty metal gears, lower front rails to reduce ball impact and 30 heavy-duty uprights per side (60 per lane) for maximum durability. An integrated safety system also provides continuous bowler protection in automatic mode. Rails and gutters are available in medium grey or dark grey and black rail supports are coated for a long, maintenance-free life.

Pinball Wizard’s universal design allows for installation with any lane type and interfaces with the most modern scoring and pinsetter systems. Finally, whole families can bowl on the same lane with the right degree of challenge and more fun for everyone!

Brunswick Bankshot is an alternative manual bumper bowling system that offers durability, performance and fun at a great price. Bankshot’s reinforced 12-gauge steel uprights won’t bend or break while tough PVC rails provide excellent bounce and lively rebound. A resilient e-coating finish eliminates corrosion and rust.

Ball Returns,
Divisions and More

Ball Returns
The positive lift return system features permanently lubricated, sealed bearings, to keep the game moving even with high performance balls on heavily conditioned lanes. Ball return racks generously hold up to 12 balls, with the option to add more on racks below. Returns also include integrated reset buttons and hand dryers. Available in black or gray to coordinate with Brunswick furniture.

These quality division inserts are available in glow or non-glow graphite, or glow black inserts. Divisions are also easily upgradeable to Lightworx when you’re ready to enhance your Cosmic Bowling® environment.

Made of high-strength PVC, these caps provide easy access to ball return tracks without tools. Available in glow or non-glow light grey, or glow black.

Foul-Light Systems
Tel-e-foul® infrared technology is compatible with all major scoring/lane systems and is easy to adjust. With built-in diagnostics, these units are spring-mounted to limit vibrations and operate on 100-, 115- or 230-volt power.

Intellishield Ball Return Guarding System

Intellishield improves center efficiency, provides added protection for your guests, and manages the number of bowling balls on your ball return.

The Patent-pending design emits eight infrared light beams across the exit/opening of the ball lift to corresponding receivers. It automatically shuts off the ball lift if a foreign object enters the opening or the ball rack is full.

It prevents injury by detecting fingers or hands entering the ball lift area. It also stops overloading of the ball return which can cause balls to fall onto the floor (or a guest’s foot).

Intellishield Improves center efficiency by automatically restarting when the obstruction or extra ball is removed, with no staff intervention required. It integrates with the SYNC™ Scoring and Management System, which reports how often the ball lift is shut off. It is also compatible with the Frameworx® ball lift and 8.5” bowling balls.