Pro Lane and Anvilane

Synthetic Lanes

Pro Lane and Anvilane

Synthetic Lanes

There is no mistaking the distinctive surface of Brunswick synthetic lane systems, and no way to overlook the exclusive advantages for bowlers and center owners alike.

From the concrete floors up, Brunswick lanes are designed differently from competitors’ lanes, resulting in stronger installations, fewer maintenance issues and lower long-term costs.
Whether you choose Pro Lane™ – the best-selling lanes of all time – or Anvilane™ – the solid value choice – you won’t be disappointed.

Better Looking, Longer Lasting

Each lane’s natural, maple image provides a bright, light, attractive appearance for many years to come, with a solid, phenolic construction that virtually eliminates the risk of delamination.

Bridged foul lines eliminate seams, providing greater strength, while the wider, 5’ seamless lane approach enhances structural integrity. Our patented edge-to-edge, full-lane and approach glow for unbeatable Cosmic Bowling®. Add customizable lane graphics to market your center in a way that’s all your own.

Design That Scores

Brunswick’s wide lane approach improves bowlers’ footing…and confidence. Surface markings, such as release dots and lane arrows, are great teaching tools and visual guides for bowlers. Flatter, smoother, more evenly finished lanes equal consistent ball roll and action.

Our design scores with maintenance staff too with anti-skid pindecks that reduce standing-pin sliding or out-of-range pins and a low-maintenance surface that’s easy to condition and clean – no resurfacing or repair required.

Performance Advantages

Whether you choose Pro Lane or Anvilane, here are some of the benefits you can always expect:

Pro Lane – The Ultimate Lane
The Brunswick Pro Lane system delivers a lifetime warranty against delamination with rugged 7/16” (1.11 cm) thick panels.

And nothing else looks like a Brunswick lane with our patented alternating light/dark board design, every fifth board outlined. But it’s not just good looking – our patented down-lane markings help bowlers develop precise break points and improve scores.

Anvilane – The Solid Value Choice
Brunswick Anvilane deliver 5-year limited warranty against delamination with resilient 3/8” (0.95 cm) thick panels. Also available in non-glow, and USBC approved, every board is outlined.

Benefits of Pro Lane

Using input from PBA members, proprietors and bowlers, Brunswick has designed Pro Lane with innovative markings, better targets and tracking points to benefit bowlers of all skill levels.

Making Spares
Zones created by Pro Lane’s board lines define perfect zones for shooting spare combinations in the middle of the lane, and our unique down-lane markings make it easy to visualize the correct cross-lane ball paths for shooting corner pins.

Hitting the Head Pin
Brunswick added 14 unique board lines, exclusive down-lane markings and alternating light/dark boards, creating new 6-inch target zones. The board lines run from the back of the approach to the pin deck, tying the dots and arrows together to help bowlers position their feet and focus on a target zone.

Determining Hook Power
Pro Lane’s board lines and alternating light/dark boards help bowlers to determine their “hook power,” or how many boards their ball covers from the foul line to the pins. This simple equation helps bowlers at any skill level to consistently hit the pocket.

Finding Break Points
Our down-lane markings allow bowlers to identify their break points (the break point is where the ball leaves the conditioned portion of the lane and enters the dry portion, making a noticeable change in direction) and make the adjustments necessary to maximize pin carry.

Pro Lane’s 5-feet wide, textured approaches give bowlers a consistent slide and the confidence that comes from sliding comfortably on every shot.