AP Modular Pin Wheel

Quiet. Lightweight. Impact resistant. Low cost. The best-selling pin wheel in the industry.

  • The industry’s first polymer pin wheel won’t rust, or be noisy like steel wheels.
  • The heart of this patented design is the individual pin pockets.
  • Seven identical pockets create one wheel with unbeatable strength and durability.
  • Pockets can be purchased separately for replacement, without buying the entire wheel. Order part number 12-400104-000.

For individual Pin Wheel Segment Hardware order:
Spacer 12-400335-000
Hex Head Cap Screw 11-001267-001
Lock Nut 11-170009-001
Washer 11-190012-001
Modular Pin Wheel Hardware Complete Package 12-860035-000.

NOTE: If installing on a Japanese Pinsetter, you must order Belt – 12-400034-005

Part Number
  • 12-860071-000 (Complete Assy. w/ Hardware)
  • 12-400104-000 (Single Pocket)