GS Safety Guarding

Protect your personnel with the industry’s most trusted and best-selling safety system. Brunswick offers advanced safety guarding solutions with state-of-the-art technology designed to work with new and existing GS® Series pinsetters.

This cutting-edge design — perfected by Brunswick engineers during tens-of-thousands of hours and in consultation with workplace safety regulators — prevents user access to the pinsetter unless the power is off.

Compliant with workplace safety requirements of the European Union (EU).

Safety Electronics

When it comes to safety, GS® Series technology makes all the difference.

A combination of photo-sensor light beams and interlock switches immediately turns off power to the pinsetter when the pinsetter is approached from the front (under the masking unit), a masking unit is lifted, or a rear access door is opened.

System operations and diagnostics are accessible with a convenient external rear controller that displays error codes from the back of the machine — eliminating the need to step onto the machine to find the error.


The cellular design of the GS® guards isolates the pinsetters to prohibit entry while power is on, yet provides maintenance personnel with full and convenient access once power is off.

The optional front walkway allows convenient access to all areas of the pinsetter once power is off.

Other guarding configurations may also be available in your region. Please contact your Brunswick representative for details.