GS-X Series

GS-X™ pinsetters are the most reliable pinsetters ever, with the highest frames-per-stop (FPS) rating in the industry. More than 80 percent of the 650 bowling lanes in Las Vegas, NV, among the busiest in the world, use Brunswick pinsetters.

Weekly performance of GS-X pinsetters at a recent USBC® event averaged more than 8,500 FPS, with the remarkable average of more than 10,000 FPS on 280,000 frames of play during one week (about 40,000 frames per day of play).

At the 2009 World Tenpin Bowling Association Women’s Championships, the GS-X achieved an unprecedented 31,000 FPS throughout the entire event. One of the world’s busiest centers reports that its GS-X pinsetters are still going strong after 2 million frames played—that’s 30 years of use for the average center!


Reliability is priority #1 in pinsetters, and the outstanding performance of Brunswick GS-X simply can’t be beat. Brunswick’s ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility maintains the highest quality control standards.

The unsurpassed reliability of GS-X Pinsetters increases the satisfaction of your bowlers, while on-demand pinsetting appeals to serious bowlers by allowing centers to offer spare practice with any pin combination. And happier bowlers stay longer, play more and return often.

Parts Savings

GS-X Pinsetters have fewer moving parts that are susceptible to wearing out or failing than competitors’ models. Plus, Brunswick offers a two-year warranty on components after certified Brunswick installation with a one-year warranty on electrical components and wear components. That translates into potential parts savings of up to 40% per year — and tens-of-thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

Our Mechanic’s System handheld units (sold separately) and spare parts software also save time and money.

Labor Savings

GS-X Pinsetters keep the mechanics simple, making them easier to train on and operate. The GS-X system is easily serviceable by staff who aren’t career-long bowling mechanics. Troubleshooting is also simplified with integrated self-diagnostics and easy-to-read LCD displays. In fact, centers report annual savings of 30-40% after replacing an older pinsetter.

To ensure you are getting the highest reliability from your GS pinsetters, Brunswick offers a factory certified GS Service Program.

Energy Management

Save energy — and money — by upgrading your pinsetter to GS-X. This system runs on three-phase power and requires only one power source per two pinsetters. A common ball accelerator motor runs only when needed, helping to reduce total power usage by up to 10 percent.