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Story of Sync

Sync is Brunswick’s revolutionary new scoring and management system.

It was developed with one goal in mind: to help centers increase sales and profits through addressing their most pressing challenges — driving traffic, increasing average sales and encouraging repeat visits.

To find the most effective way to reach that goal, Brunswick invested over $2 million in research, conducting proprietor and bowler interviews around the world. We also studied years of hard, historical data from over 100 retail centers and spent over 500 hours observing the behaviors of real people in real centers.

Here is what we learned — despite all the market hype about the need to reinvent the game, our research suggests that people almost universally enjoy bowling — although it isn’t always top-of-mind when they consider their entertainment options.

We also learned that when deciding what to do for fun, consumers are most influenced by things like the quality of the facility, atmosphere, food and customer service.

So you see the most critical challenge facing proprietors today goes far beyond bowling. It’s about keeping their center top-of-mind and making every visit a great experience — that’s the single most effective way to get customers to come, stay longer and return more often.

Therefore, Sync was developed entirely around the customer experience — from decision to departure and beyond.