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Bowler Experience

The bowling experience at your center is multifaceted, taking into account the total bowling experience from the comfort of your furniture to how appetizing your menu is to how pleased customers are with what’s playing on the TV monitors. Sync was created with all this in mind. It’s designed to help you deliver the best overall customer experience, every hour of every day. You probably still can’t please everybody all of the time, but Sync helps you come very close.

Sleek, Stylish New Hardware
Bowlers will love your new Sync scoring consoles. These great-looking devices are also made to take the punishment of constant use, so they keep working like a champ year after year. Use your existing HD overhead monitors, or upgrade to any of the new Samsung HD monitors available through Brunswick.

All-new Scoresheets and Scoring Environments
Sync takes bowling scoresheets to new heights. These screens — which are displayed on your overhead monitors throughout most of the day — add class and distinction to your center. Plus, Sync offers many scoring environments for two quite different modes of play (recreational/casual vs. league/competitive), with just the right touches included in each.

Improved Customer Service Functions
Sync lets you display ads right on the scoresheet during games. It offers bowlers immediate access to Specials menus, and lets them send text messages to the front desk when their ball is stuck or they want a server to come to their lane. All of which contribute to making their visits more enjoyable, as well as more lucrative for you.

Smart New Games
Sync includes a trio of new bowling games that your customers will love, netting you additional revenues. Unlike games offered on competitive systems, ours are incredibly simple and easy to play. Rather than bogging down the action on your lanes, these games actually accelerate it.

Scoring Themes

Enhance the customer experience with exclusive Sync scoresheet themes. You can set which themes are used on which lanes at what times — or let your bowlers pick their theme right at the scoring console. There are Sync themes to complement different open play or league bowling situations, as well as several that are ideal for kids’ birthday parties. All told, they include hundreds of animations/exciters cued to every situation, from gutter balls to turkeys to stay-and-play encouragements.


Sync offers your customers six entertaining bowling game variations that add excitement and fun to the traditional 10-pin/10-frame game. New, simpler, smarter games that are quick to learn, easy to play and won’t slow the game.

Scoring Consoles

Sync works with installed Vector scoring consoles. But if you really want to knock customers out, you need to install new Sync scoring consoles. They’re available in two styles: touch-screen tablets or keypad models. You’ll score big points by offering this beautiful equipment that just makes it more fun to bowl. What’s more, Sync hardware is designed to save you money, drawing on the latest technological innovations to add to the equipment’s life.

  • Two models: 10.4” LED Touch-screen Tablets and Keypad Model
  • Built in two-way intercom
  • Corning Gorilla® glass for longer service life (tablet only)
  • Commercial-grade construction to withstand high-traffic use
  • Touch-screen tablet model offers extended-life 50,000 hour LED backlighting
  • Mount on single pedestal, dual pedestal or tabletop brackets

Overhead Monitors

Engage customers with state-of-the-art Samsung LED monitors. Sync Video Display Controllers route the A/V signal to these stunning screens, projecting every frame of Sync content as well as TV/DVD programming in stunning 1080p HD. You can even split screens between two input sources and control it all from the front desk, while your customers enjoy hours and hours of nonstop fun.

Sync is the only scoring and management system that helps you fully capitalize on the technological trends driving how more and more people today have fun and communicate.

The system includes extensive social media integration that lets bowlers easily share their experiences (including live scoring) via Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks. Internet Reservations was designed expressly for smart phones and mobile devices.

Features and Specifications

  • Solid-state, Intel® dual core processors. Display Controllers run up to two monitors each
    32”, 40”, 48” and 55” monitors available with 1080p HD
  • Best-in-class, commercial-duty monitors deliver 16+ hours/day of excellent service
  • Direct-lit LED technology for sharper, detail-rich images and crisp, easily legible type
  • .68” thin bezels give these monitors a sleek appearance and maximize screen area
  • All HD monitors covered by three-year limited warranty with on-site service and support

Get Started

To learn more about Sync, and how it can revolutionize bowling for you and your customers, please click the button below.