Scoring Themes

Pin Pals

These lovable and mischievous Pin Pals deliver frame after frame of giggles and grins with their offbeat antics and a penchant for mayhem, all animated in eye-popping 3D.

The Buzz

Includes on-scoresheet exciters for strikes, spare pickups, split pickups, bowler-up, and other situations. Streams fun facts across the bottom of the screen. Offers live intra-lane activity feeds to display how other bowlers are doing in groups that span multiple lanes. Animations can play directly atop the scoresheets to create a livelier experience.

The League

Displays real-time, player-specific data including ball speed, max score potential, and frame-by-frame history of pins made/missed by each bowler. Tracks bowlers and teams on any lane.

High Seas

A silly, fun nautical theme that takes children
on a delightful under-seas bowling adventure.

Top Dogs

Featuring action photos of professional Brunswick
bowlers, this theme works great for both serious and recreational bowlers.

Ninja Strike

Includes 30 animated martial-arts themed
animations that are sure to delight.

Monster Mischief

Set animated monsters on the loose to wreak havoc and mayhem, as spurred on by the action on the lane.

Schtick Man

The cool, retro stylings of Schtick Man will charm kids and take adults back to their childhood. Full of distinctive animations that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry.


This edgy, nonconformist theme strongly appeals to today’s young adults who want to live and play their way.

Love the Game

Featuring a host of beautiful photos depicting real
bowlers in a range of situations — from relaxing on date night to lining up the make-or-break shot.

The Keglers

This all-American, goofy, slightly square family
of characters brings more fun to every frame.

Club 300

Animated muscle men and alley cats mix it up in
this theme that plays well with competitive bowlers.

Jingle Balls

Includes dozens of holiday themed animations and exciters that will help make your bowlers’ spirits bright.


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