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Management Features

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Management Features


Center Management

For decades, everyone has known that Brunswick means business when it comes to scoring and management systems. After all, we invented the first automatic scoring system. Throughout the evolution of Vector®, Brunswick focused on Center Network System innovations that make centers more popular and profitable. Sync takes that commitment to a higher level — enhancing many of the hardest-working management functions of Vector+HD and adding several potent new features for the first time.

Lane Status Dashboard.
Sync’s enhanced Lane Status Dashboard was completely redesigned to help front desk personnel get bowlers on and off your lanes more efficiently and profitably.

  • Improved at-a-glance view of the status of each lane at every moment
  • Immediate indicator of lane-on, lane-off, number of bowlers on the lane, elapsed time
  • One-click access to score corrections function
  • Global settings support standard lane prep for leagues and other special scoring arrangements
  • Automatically displays scheduled Internet reservations
  • Streamline the check-in process all from one screen — configure lane assignments, send names to the lane, add products, configure scoring experiences, total the customers bill and more

Point of Sale

There’s never been a better, more powerful system for ringing up sales throughout your center. From top to bottom, we’ve redesigned the Sync POS to make it easier and faster to operate, more goof-proof and more secure.


  • Create an unlimited number of products, departments, sub-departments
  • Create special accounts for select customers, groups or companies
  • Track special event deposits
  • Maintain accounts for league prize funds
  • Customizable buttons and layout for each cash terminal, including placement, color, size and use of images

Food and Beverage Modifiers

  • Set up modifiers for appropriate products (e.g. pizzas, hamburgers, other specialty sandwiches)
  • Improves order-filling accuracy
  • Improves inventory control to reduce waste/spoilage


  • Create packages (e.g. two games of bowling plus shoes for two) to speed up operations and improve customer service
  • Establish day-part rate periods to facilitate tiered pricing and time-restricted product offerings


  • Create a customized tab and add it to any POS station
  • Create one bill combining bowling, food, billiards, etc.


  • Accept/process credit/debit/game/gift card payments
  • Percentage or dollar discounts can be applied to individual products or transaction totals
  • Gratuities can be added automatically or with each customer’s individual payment
  • CRM integration/coupon scanning (including via smartphone interface/receipts/transaction data/metrics) available


  • Advanced reporting and business analytics
  • Flexible/customizable sales reports
  • Easier auditing
  • Advanced fraud protection
  • Export data in XML format into popular accounting systems


Micros® POS – Optional

  • Seamlessly integrates with Sync
  • Scalable to meet the needs of both single stores and chains
  • Ideal for high-volume businesses with multiple food and beverage registers

Azbar/Berg Beverage Control – Optional

  • Substantially reduces shrinkage/lost bar sales
  • Beverages will not dispense without direct accountability per pour through Sync

Game Card Systems – Optional

  • Seamless connection to EMBED, Sacoa and Intercard POS devices
  • All game card transactions (buy/spend credits) flow instantly into Sync accounting functions

Back Office

Sync helps you master the many thankless back-office tasks that are vital to keeping centers above board, running smoothly and in the black.

Daily Dashboard

  • Provides a snapshot of the center’s performance at any moment
  • Tabulates sales by category, total lineage by frames/hours
  • Flags center trouble spots that need addressing


  • Session control by terminal with manual or automatic logoff — ideal for F&B server stations
  • New log-in/off features with optional card access
  • Limit access to certain functions by individual or rank/title


  • Send messages and track open rates


  • Powerful and flexible reporting for all financial, lane usage and inventory usage needs
  • Comprehensive audit preparation, XML based interface support modern accounting platforms

Tax Management

  • Tax control mode allows products to be switched between taxable and nontaxable
  • Select applicable taxes by product or department
  • Apply up to 15 taxes per product

Pinsetter Management

Automatic Pinsetter Shutdown
System automatically powers down pinsetters when lane is not in use to conserve energy and trim center’s electric bills.

GS-X and StringPin On-demand Pinsetting with Smart Control
Sync seamlessly interoperates with GS-X and StringPin pinsetters with our smart controller to fully deliver their unique pin-setting capabilities.

  • Facilitates split/spare pickup practice by serious bowlers and pros
  • Provides ability to reset any combination of standing pins after inadvertent resets
  • Controllable at the front desk
  • Lane transfer/Mechanic Pause/Reserve hold: control lanes with one button click

TimePro® Labor Management

Wages/salaries are one of the largest costs in every center’s budget; at the same time, making out and managing employee schedules has always been a tedious and tricky task. Sync addresses both these issues head-on with TimePro, the best labor management system ever incorporated into a bowling scoring and management system.

  • Easily develops work schedules to cover all center manpower needs while accommodating for each individual’s scheduling restrictions (days/hours each person can/can’t work, min/max hours per week/month that each individual can work, etc.)
  • Powerful analysis and reporting to flag potential/actual issues including: overtime, insufficient hours to comply with workers’ requests, absenteeism
  • Seamless integration with optional time-clock hardware/software, reconciling schedules with actual hours worked by individual employees

Guest Management

There are lots of “moving parts” in a bowling center: employees, guests, equipment and activities that have to work in concert to keep customers smiling and cash registers ringing. Trying to juggle all these things at once can give you an ulcer…unless you have Sync. The system offers modules to manage bowling lanes, F&B operations, employee time, leagues, billiard tables, even lockers and rentable party rooms to keep you on top of everything that goes on in your center.

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