Guest Management

Superior Lane Control

Efficiently moving customers on and off your lanes — while making sure that you’re paid for every frame — is a major key to success. Still, many bowling centers struggle with this core competency. Sync was specifically designed to help centers with this job…with less effort and lower margin-for-error than ever. As a result, you maximize profits as well as customer service.

Here’s how:

  • Sync’s enhanced Lane Status Dashboard provides a clearer, easier-to-grasp overview of the status of every lane at every moment
  • Sync lets you send welcome screens to the appropriate lane(s), helping usher each party to their assigned lane
  • Sync lets you set up bowling for pre- or post-pay. This flexibility allows you to control the purchase/pay cycle however you see fit, or even change from one procedure to another for different days/times
  • Better lane management inevitably pleases customers. Nobody likes the delays, disputes or confusion that results when the lane traffic is poorly managed

Advanced Reservations

Focused on streamlining guest management throughout the center consolidates all guest interactions for seamless interaction. Easily move guests from different attractions, while providing top notch customer service.

  • Customers can purchase other items and/or packages when they make a reservation — from pre-ordering rental shoes to pizza and a pitcher specials
  • Sync lets each center set its own reservation payment policies. You can require deposits (or full payment) to hold lanes, as well as prepayment for other items ordered in advance online
  • Sync lets you keep reservation tabs open, so you can easily add additional purchases made during the customer’s visit to the bill

League and Tournament

Sync supports league and tournament business by incorporating special features to handle the added record-keeping, administration and other hosting duties that these events require. Sync integrates seamlessly with CDE League and Tournament applications to automate every aspect of league management including prize-fund tracking. What’s more, Sync lets you to set up “lite leagues” to accommodate regular groups that do not conform to your normal league protocols or use your administration.

Locker Management

Sync includes modules that make it a snap to manage “Banks” of lockers. These administrative tools help you maximize revenues and reduce the time it takes to manage them.

Rental Control and
Table Management

For better billiards, restaurant management, and other rentable assets (e.g. party rooms), Sync lets you set up the screen layout to mirror the actual arrangement of your tables on the floor. Cycle customers on and off your tables more efficiently, with individual time-clocks/bill-tabulators for each table. You can even control individual table lighting from the front desk with an optional AC controller.