Marketing Features


Customer Relationship Manager

Sync’s Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) incorporates powerful, automated marketing tools designed to help you attract more customers to your center, increase their spending, and coax them back more often. Used effectively, these features provide a tremendous return on your Sync investment.

From start to finish, the Sync CRM plans, creates, targets and delivers your marketing messages. Sync automates customer data collection so you can build your database. It provides preformatted digital marketing content that allows you to cost-effectively reach customers through email, text, social media, direct mail and more. With very little setup and a minimum of attention or expense after that, Sync executes a variety of automated marketing tactics over multiple channels that boost your bottom line day after day after day.

Database Manager

The Sync Database Manager automates the data collection process throughout the entire customer experience, both in the center and during interactions on social media. Sync captures names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, and birth dates, and stores all the data in the Brunswick Cloud, a remote, secure server that minimizes local storage needs and provides instant access whenever and wherever you need it. Sync Database Manager automatically backs up your data and keeps it safe from natural disasters, accidental erasure, or theft. Data is password-protected, and you can define various access levels for different users.

Media Manager

The Sync Media Manager comes fully loaded with a library of quality images, from in-game ads to tempting promotional email messages. Attention-getting ads are preformatted for computer screens, smartphone displays, in-center monitors, and as printer-ready files. Media Manager’s high-resolution, royalty-free images and themes (including kids’ birthday parties, holidays, and more), save you money and time. Sync Campaign Manager lets you easily customize provided ads with your center branding, hours, pricing, and other custom information.

Media Manager allows you to upload, crop, resize and tag your own proprietary content, which is automatically put in the proper format. Having all this content in the cloud simplifies your marketing efforts and ensures consistent branding across all your marketing channels.

Campaign Manager

Increase revenue with the Sync Campaign Manager. There’s no easier or more effective way to plan, coordinate, and execute comprehensive—and highly effective—marketing campaigns for your center. The Campaign Manager lets you design, schedule, and distribute targeted marketing messages to segmented audiences through a variety of marketing channels, and analyze the success of each campaign. And it’s easily integrated with automated email services such as MailChimp and Constant Contact. Campaign Manager helps you reach customers in-house, too, with Digital Signage that lets you display ads and live scoring on monitors throughout your center.

Member Manager

Sync’s Member Manager collects data whenever guests sign in or redeem offers, allowing you to build your database and track customer interest, visit frequency, gameplay, spending, and more. Member Manager provides customer insights that you can use to send segmented, relevant messages based on customer interests (such as open bowler, league bowler, group events), ultimately driving the right business, and more of it, to your center.

Sync Passport

Guests can opt-in to have Sync provide them with their score, which they can then share (along with your branding!) on their Facebook or Twitter pages. Add a Sync Passport link to your website to let current and potential customers easily sign up to track stats and scores, receive and redeem offers, make reservations, view center information, and more.

Sync Passport is your ticket to a larger customer database that provides customer insights that keep your marketing messages on target. Unlike other membership programs, all the customer data from your website, online reservations, and inside center gets funneled directly into a single customer database, which saves you time and lets you better manage your center.

Offer Manager

Sync’s Offer Manager lets you create, manage, and track offers and coupons to add to campaigns, emails, and social media. Make offers to specific customers, at whatever time and however often you choose, and then track customer response and offer effectiveness. Like no other POS or loyalty system on the market, Sync Offer Manager provides you the deep visibility to your offers and associated revenue to make better marketing decisions based on actual data.

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