Customer Relationship Manager

Sophisticated, Automated Marketing Features

The Sync Campaign Manager leverages marketing automation to drive revenue. There’s no easier or more effective way to plan, coordinate, and execute comprehensive and effective marketing campaigns. Sync helps you provide relevant and consistent content and lets you segment your audience by specific interests or activity, harnessing the power of social media as well as traditional marketing channels.

Sync Campaign Manager outperforms traditional advertising or loyalty programs, allowing you to connect with customers throughout the buying cycle:

• Before the visit, send marketing messages and offers through email, your social media platforms, and
• During the visit, collect customer data and drive behavior through Sync’s Sign-In, Specials, In-game Ads, and Digital Signage platforms
• After the visit, use Sync Passport to send a scoresheet or receipt with a compelling offer, and use social media to encourage guests to stay connected and come back again

Design Tools

Leverage the Campaign Manager’s professional campaigns, designed by expert marketers, to make your marketing efforts attractive, effective, quick, and easy, all the same time. Use Campaign Manager to create all of your marketing content: everything from in-game ads to tempting promotional messages that land in customers’ email in-boxes. Select from Media Manager’s impressive off-the-shelf ads (pre-formatted to display on scoring monitors, computer screens, smartphone displays or as printer-ready files), for kids’ birthday parties, holidays, open bowling events, food and beverage specials, and other promotions. Campaign Manager’s easy-to-use design tools let you modify ads with your center name, logo, hours, location, pricing, and other custom information, or create from-scratch ads using provided templates and design assets (photos and graphics) or your own graphics files.

Scheduling and Tracking

Use Campaign Manager to schedule which ads or social media blasts are sent to which audiences on what date(s). Set triggers such as customer birthdates, holidays, time of day, or number of days preceding an event, to automatically activate selected marketing messages on cue.

Sync’s campaign overview function gives you a consolidated, at-a-glance look at all your different marketing messages and upcoming campaigns. It also tracks campaign performance, so you can adjust your content to be more effective.

Digital Signage for
In-Center Marketing

Digital Signage is the exclusive Brunswick video display monitor system that’s beautifully integrated with Sync. Capture the attention of everyone in your center, whether they’re on the concourse, in your restaurant or anywhere else in your building, and cross-sell your offerings. Enhance every guest’s experience, giving them the info they need and an enhanced experience they’ll appreciate. Use provided ads (or create your own) for upcoming special events, food and beverage specials, pro shop deals and other offerings. You can even choose to sell and display advertising for other companies, adding a new revenue stream for your center.

Use Digital Signage to display your menu, live scoring for selected lanes, high scores for leagues (as they happen or throughout the season), and to keep customers up-to-date with their status on your wait list.

Consumer Buying Cycle

External: marketing emails, social media pushes, link to websites
Internal: Specials, leagues, event promotion

External: Marketing emails with upcoming deals and events
Internal: Connect them to staff for more information, send them more information via email

External: Social media and marketing pushes
Internal: Advertisements for offers, connecting with the center

External: Branded confirmation of reservations,
Internal: Tracking of purchases in one spot

Post Purchase
External: Thank you emails, reminder of scores/the good time you had
Internal: Ability to extend the experience