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To Its Core

Advanced Technology

The world has come light-years since the days Brunswick virtually reinvented the bowling business by introducing things like the world’s first automated pinsetters and automatic scoring system. Now, Sync is set to rocket the industry forward again, with the most advanced and capable scoring and management system ever offered.

Brunswick designed Sync from the ground up, incorporating many hardware and software technologies that weren’t even imaginable just a few years ago. The result is a revolutionary system that performs function after function much more quickly, easily and powerfully.

Refining “User-friendly”

At least as important as a system’s capabilities is how easy it is to use…because if certain functions are too tricky to operate, people just don’t. That was the motivation behind completely redesigning how Sync works, at the same time we were programming all the things it does. Brunswick incorporated several leading-edge interface protocols and conventions into Sync. So not only is it the most powerful scoring and management system ever, it’s also by far the easiest to use.

Get Onto My Cloud

You’ve probably heard of different computer applications that run “in the Cloud.” Now add Sync to the list. The system stores your customer databases and Sync’s marketing tools on a server, feeding this data through the Sync CPU at lightning speed via an Internet connection. The benefits are many-fold. Among them, more seamless integration between system functions/modes, and the added security of protecting vital customer data from loss due to catastrophic events at your center (e.g. fire/flooding) and accessing data and marketing tools from anywhere at anytime.

Patented, Distributed Architecture

Sync is designed to connect bowlers, equipment and staff across an Internet-enabled network. This exclusive architecture works to lower system hardware costs, provide backup and make your entire center run more smoothly.

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