Ticket Depot


Encourage bowlers to visit your center by making the game more entertaining for young children and the young at heart. Grow revenue by increasing foot traffic to the game room or obtain the benefits of redemption without a game room investment.

Drive incremental bowling revenue by charging a premium for Ticket Depot games or create special event packages for birthday parties, holiday gatherings or corporate functions.

LED back-lit design and “glow” edges create a sense of excitement and fun. Ticket Depot exciters play on the overhead monitors when an event is achieved (strike, spare, open, etc.).


Exclusively uses Benchmark Games’ patented Intelli-Triple dispensers for extreme reliability and redundant ticket dispensing. Intelli-Triple dispensers hold three times the amount of tickets as normal dispensers and includes mechanisms to increase reliability.

Ticket Depot automatically switches between dispensers, to whichever dispenser of the unit has available tickets. LEDs on bezel indicate to service personnel the status at all times. Intelli-Triple dispensers pay out tickets fast – up to 50% faster than comparable dispensers.


Ticket Depot can be easily moved, perfect for centers that want to remove the devices from the lanes for certain occasions, such as league or tournament. One Ticket Depot device supports up to two lanes at a time and sits securely and unobtrusively under the ball return.

Brunswick recommends installing Ticket Depot under a Frameworx ball return. Other locations can also be used, as long as the location meets the networking and electrical requirements for the device. Brackets to mount Ticket Depot to the Frameworx ball return are included in the package.


Integrated with Vector Scoring with Vector Plus, Ticket Depot is available as a game type where it can be configured to activate/deactivate based on whether the bowler purchases the game.

Control ticket rewards – for the quantity of pins knocked down during a frame as well as for specific bowling events (strike, spare, open, etc.). In addition to payout control, you can define when the device pays out – by frame or by game. Payout reports are included to help ensure you are maximizing profitability.

Ticket Depot is compatible with Vector Scoring and requires Vector Plus 5 service pack or later.