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You’ve probably heard the hype that more bowler entertainment at the lanes in the form of games and gimmicks is the way to increase revenue and profits.

At Brunswick, we have over 168 years of experience telling us otherwise.

Our research suggests that open play customers visit their local bowling center only once a year and that they have an almost universally good time once they get there.

So you see, the most critical challenge facing most proprietors today is not to make bowling more entertaining, it’s to create an environment that draws customers in and keeps them coming back.

That’s where the new Vector+HD comes in.

Vector+HD center management system is packed with highly functional and practical features that help you better market, manage and grow your business.

System Features

Exclusive marketing features that help you draw customers in and encourage repeat visits.
Internet Reservations, Media Manager, Digital Signage, Promotional Kits and Database Marketing.

Exclusive management features that help you improve the customer experience while controlling your costs.
Event Host Manager, Advanced Cash Control, POS interfaces and Timepro Labor Management.

All built using world-class technology
Vector+HD is built using the world’s best technology and a highly compatible “open-architecture” integrating everything from intel-powered hardware, to Microsoft software to Samsung monitors. With these proven technologies at its core, the performance of Vector+HD is unbeatable.

Backed by the most experienced & stable name in the game
To have a successful bowling center, you need a strategic partner that’s here to stay. With over 168 years of experience and products installed in more than 70 percent of the world’s bowling centers, Brunswick is the best-known and most-trusted name in the game – adding value to every aspect of your business.