Bowler Features


Bowler Features


Bowler Features

Stunning HD

Bowler Features


Bowler Features

High Style

uChoose Theme Selection

Deliver a constant stream of fun with this huge collection of fast-paced, humorous, perfectly timed graphics designed for every age. With uChoose Theme Selection, bowlers can choose their own themed environments right at the lane, and themes are applied instantaneously so bowlers don’t have to wait.

Choose from an array of creative new themes designed for every age and skill level—from kids to adults and from casual to competitive bowlers. And now every frame of every theme is rendered in full 1920×1080p resolution for the most vivid possible picture.

High Seas Jungle Jive Love the Game
Top Dog The Keglers Monster Mischief
Club 300 Bowlopolis Schtickman
Jingle Balls

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Custom Themes

Custom Themes Let Everyone Shine Though!
With uChoose Media Manager, you can easily create an infinite number of custom themes for your bowlers—using photos, videos or graphics. Vector® Plus offers the ability to create an amazing range of designs with uChoose Media Manager’s easy-to-use, built-in layout tools and templates. All included type fonts, photos, illustration and other graphics now rendered in eye-popping 1080p HD

Use it in conjunction with the Event Host Manager for the ultimate birthday party or special event experience…or an additional revenue stream by offering score sheet advertising to complementary businesses. Mix and match preloaded themes and score sheets or create your own.

On-Lane Display

With On-Lane Display, Bowlers Know The Score
Put bowlers in the driver’s seat with a multi-tasking display that allows players to view everything from statistical information to the performance of bowlers on other lanes. With On-Lane Display, the screen comes alive—accommodating multiple frame displays, ball speed reporting, and pin indicator information. Bowlers will also enjoy control over language selection, on-site score corrections…even automated bumper control.

With uChoose Theme Selection and custom themes, the Vector® Plus feature offers more than 100 pre-loaded, easy-to-read score sheet designs in four visually engaging styles, as well as a bold, new user-friendly interface. Configuration options include open-play, cross-lane and league modes.

Scoring Monitors

Vector Plus HD shines brightest to your bowlers on our new Samsung HD LED monitors – perfect for displaying scoresheets, exciters, TV programming and more. You control all content remotely from the front desk, with the option to display scrolling text messages and ads whenever you like.

These state-of-the-art displays come in screen sizes of 32”, 40”, 46” and now 55”. Each features 1920×1080p resolution with direct-lit LED technology for a sharper, detail-rich picture. And thinner bezels maximize viewable screen area while giving these monitors a sleek, stylish look.

These monitors use only about half the energy of the last-generation models. They are commercial grade, made to run 16+ hours per day, available in single, double or triple monitor configurations with continuous or standard support structure, and covered by a limited 3-year warranty including on-site service and support.

The compact HD Display Controllers are fanless with no other moving parts, driven by Intel® CoreTM i3 processors. Each one can drive two monitors through its dual HDMI outports, sending uncompressed audio/video data in 100% digital form to produce stunning pixel-by-pixel accuracy.

Note: Brunswick also offers legacy system support for centers with Frameworx®, AS 80/90 and Classic scoring that want to upgrade to new monitors without changing their current scoring setup. Contact your Brunswick representative to learn more.

Scoring Consoles

Score Big With These Stylish Consoles
These scoring consoles deliver outstanding, non-stop performance, quality and knockout style.

Choose between our easy-to-use keypad or high-tech touchscreen consoles.

Our single pedestal, wishbone pedestal and tabletop mounts offer endless installation flexibility, with highly durable construction to withstands high-traffic use. The sleek design complements any environment, and the small footprint gives you the ultimate in flexibility during installation.

The two-way intercom allows bowlers and the front desk to communicate, while the friendly, simple user interface—whether high-tech touchscreens or keypads — keeps bowlers coming back for more.

Special glow-in-the-dark effects are also available to enhance the cosmic bowling experience.


Put More Game In Your Game!
Multiply the fun by offering bowlers games within a game—throughout the center or on selected lanes. It’s a great way to add variety and excitement to a round of bowling by allowing players of widely varying skill levels to compete evenly while on the same lane.

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