Classic Games

3-6-9 Free Strike
This game levels the playing field by giving bowlers automatic strikes in the third, sixth and ninth frames. Perfect for Pro-Am tournaments or for groups with bowlers of different skill levels.

Red Head Pin
A red pin in the head pin position gives the bowler a special chance to win. If the bowler rolls a strike, a winning animation is displayed and prizes such as free games or sodas can be awarded.

No Tap
Available in all open bowling modes, this game credits bowlers for strikes, even with lower pin counts. Great for tournaments and special events or combine with 3-6-9 Free Strike. Six-, seven-, eight- and nine-pin No Tap settings.

This fast-paced, doubles-only tournament-style game carries down the best score from each frame to create the team score.

Odd/Even (with GSĀ®Series Pinsetters only) OPTIONAL
This exciting one-ball-per-frame game credits bowlers with a spare for bowling over an odd number of pins, and a strike for bowling over an even number of pins. Ideal for tournaments and special events.

NEW-Power Scoring OPTIONAL
Extends play for bowlers rolling three strikes in the 10th frame. Each additional strike scores 30 points. Continues until bowler does not strike or reaches max score of 999. Available for open play and can be assigned through CDE or Lite League.