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Management Features

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Event Host Manager

It’s Like Having a Party Planner On Staff!
Parties and events are big business. Event Host Manager has everything you need to build and manage a highly successful and highly profitable event business. The system is loaded with easy-to-use tools, such as comprehensive task lists and automated emails to keep attendees informed of activities. Process-driven design makes managing events easy by breaking them down into intuitive and sequential steps. You’ll easily manage multiple resources, including bowling lanes, meeting rooms, party rooms, laser tag and more with seamless Vector® Plus integration.

The user-friendly dashboard allows you to see reservations and upcoming tasks at a glance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and generate automated lists for each step of the event management process. Customer database features and reports help track sales and marketing activities.

This program will even produce brochures, contracts, surveys, letters and other materials to help you present an organized and professional image…right down to generating emails to keep all parties informed of pre- and post-event activities.

Provide the highest level of service and allow your customers to book their event online using Internet Reservations.

Point of Sale

Show Me The Money
With Vector® Plus you can accurately calculate, collect and track every dollar spent anywhere in your system – all from one easy-to-operate system.

Point of Sale (POS) stations can be dedicated to cover particular departments—such as bowling, bar and snack bar areas—or assigned to control multiple areas. And with the remote order printing feature, it’s a snap to send orders wherever they’re needed. VectorPlus is not only a great way to manage customer accounts and individual tabs, but also provides better control over package pricing and rates, as well as all aspects of payment processing.

It’s like having a finance manager on site 24/7. An ideal solution for lighter staffing hours or small centers where products are sold from one location.

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Better For You…and Your Customer
When it comes to managing your facility, it’s all about interface. Successful interaction between staff, customers, equipment and systems can and does make a critical difference in the success of your business. So, why leave it to chance? Brunswick interface offerings provide seamless interaction with leading restaurant, bar and entertainment center systems, allowing you to better leverage your existing investment and increase operational efficiency. Better interface made easy…it just makes sense.

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Lane Management

Keep Your Lanes In Action!
Increase revenue in the most direct way possible—by keeping more of your lanes in action and maximizing lineage in your center.

Lane Controls
Vector+HD lane controls allow you to monitor activity across your center at-a-glance. Quickly turn lanes on and off, check lane status and handle score corrections quickly and easily right from the front desk. Global settings support standard lane preparation for leagues and other scoring arrangements. Automatically display scheduled reservations and integrate seamlessly with optional Internet Reservations and Event Host Manager.

Wait List
The newly enhanced Wait List function lets customers prepay for their bowling so they can spend their time and money on other activities in your center while waiting for an open lane. You can record pertinent bowler information such as shoe size and ball weight, manage the order of parties, and create separate wait lists for bowling, billiards and lounge. When a lane is ready, bowler names are automatically downloaded to the console to speed service, and now you can print tickets for your wait-listed customers, too. Add optional Digital Signage, and you can display live wait-list status updates to keep customers fully informed.

Advanced Reservations
Staff members can take reservations and deposits at the counter or over the phone using Advanced Reservations. The user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface features color- coded reservation types and allows you to quickly add bowler names and products to any reservation. There’s also a handy search tool to locate and modify previously made reservations. It even applies rates for designated days and times—automatically.

Labor Management

Better Management Brings Costs Down and Productivity Up
With Brunswick’s TimePro Labor Management, you can take advantage of simplified labor-management reporting and controlled labor costs through more efficiently scheduling and forecasting employee hours, curtailing overtime hours, eliminating unauthorized hours and reducing manual processes.

The system offers seamless integration with Vector® Plus and provides variance analysis and labor forecasting tools. It’s a great way to view sales per man-hour and measure employee efficiency.

Optional features also include a virtual or hardware-based time clock with card swipe and bar code clock and even biometric fingerprint readers.

Pinsetter Controls

A Great Way To Keep Downtime…Down.
The Mechanic’s System puts the power right in your hands with instant messaging for easy wireless communication between the front desk and technician. Seamlessly interfaces with any manufacturer’s pinsetter to control start, stop, reset, hold, and bumper functions, as well as report and track errors. Also includes special features for GS® pinsetters including real-time mechanic error notification alerts and Stop Summary Reports. Even allows technicians to set any pin combination remotely and view stops by Error Code.

With this exclusive Brunswick offering, you can increase equipment reliability and trim maintenance costs—all while saving your staff countless steps and valuable time.

GS-X On-Demand Pinsetting
Now you can set any pin combination—on-demand—during open play or from the front desk. On-demand pinsetting is a real benefit to serious bowlers looking for split/spare practice, and an easy way to re-establish pin positions after inadvertent resets. System integrates effortlessly with the Mechanic’s Wireless Handheld.

League & Tournament

Keeps Record Keeping Under Control
This system allows users to efficiently handle the additional record keeping and administration that go along with hosting bowling leagues and tournament play.

It integrates with Brunswick and CDE League & Tournament applications and provides easy league accounting and record keeping, including prize fund tracking.

It also gives you the ability to create “Lite Leagues” for leagues that don’t use your administrative services, or for regular non-league clubs and groups.

Rental Management

Easy Management, Easy Revenue!
Now you can effortlessly manage traffic for time-based products, turning valuable assets into a non-stop revenue stream. When it comes to lockers, user-defined color-coding allows you to check status (vacant, reserved, overdue, rented, expired and storage) at a glance.

Locker Management
“Banks” of lockers can be created to closely match your center’s layout and the system will even notify you of maintenance problems and generates invoice or utilization reports.

Rental Control
For billiards management, the screen layout can be designed to match your center’s table layout and the universal AC power controller can even control lighting from the front desk.

Remote Management

Remote Management Gives You Total Control
Connect to your center from any location via the Internet, and never feel out of touch. With Vector Plus HDs’ exclusive open architecture, you have the flexibility to use any industry-standard remote management software and control your center from your laptop, PC, iPad or other handheld device.