uChoose Media Manager

Media Manager

Until now, centers had to be experts in digital media to create their own ads and custom scoring graphics. With uChoose Media Manager, you can easily create your own graphics or choose from an array of preloaded and creative new ads to promote fun bowler features like Internet Reservations, Online Scoring, uChoose Theme Selection and custom scoring graphics. Ads can be displayed easily throughout your center on scoring consoles, overhead monitors and Digital Signage. For centers with Internet Reservations, bowlers can even make their selections before arriving at the center.

Media Manager is a powerful suite of easy-to-use design tools plus a library of hundreds of stock images that let you create and manage great-looking ads, custom score sheets and exciters.

You don’t need any prior design expertise to master this system. In short order, you can use Media Manager to better promote your center’s services and specials, plus make it a more fun place to be.

Finally, the system’s control and management functions make it easy for you to display any of this content on just the right screens at the most opportune times.

Design Tool Suite

Media Manager includes all of the basic design and editing tools you need to create pro-quality ads, custom score sheets and exciters.

Place type and graphics wherever you want on the screen, then adjust sizes, colors, type fonts, and even create different “layers” to control what shows on the final screen.

Select from hundreds of preloaded graphics, or import your own files in standard formats. Media Manager makes it all quick and easy.

Library Images

Media Manager comes preloaded with hundreds of graphic files — both photos and illustration — that let you create custom on-screen content that is both attractive and stimulating.

Sets include popular food & beverage items, holiday icons, party images, promotional graphics, bowling imagery and more.

File-Import Capabilities

Media manager lets you easily import digital photos or illustration in standard file formats (like .jpg), then use these images to create customized on-screen content.

You can put your center’s logo on score sheets. Or else feature the logo of a company hosting a corporate event. You could even design a custom exciter that has a photo of the birthday boy or girl. The possibilities are endless.

Control & Management Functions

Media Manager gives you complete control over which content is displayed on each screen in your center.

The system makes it easy to assign different lanes according to how those lanes are being used at that time.

Plus, Media Manager makes it easy to edit the sequence of ads and choose which exciters in each set will or will not be displayed.

Design and Create

Media Manager lets you custom design anything that appears on the screens in your center – from appetizing ads for food and beverage, to on-screen promotions for upcoming specials, to impressive custom score sheets or exciters that include photos of birthday boys/girls or logos from companies holding corporate events.

On-Screen Ads
Use Media Manager to create ads that increase sales, raise awareness of promotions & events, and drive more traffic to your center day after day. There’s no better place to communication with your customers than inside your center. And no more powerful tool for doing that than Media Manager.

Custom Score Sheets
Media Manager lest you powerfully customize your score sheets, the very thing that customers spend so much time staring at while in your center. You can add your center’s logo, a promotional message, or create custom score sheets to tie into a holiday or any other theme you center wants to promote.

Custom Exciters

Media Manager lets you create exciter sets that are totally unique to your center.

These can be motion or still-frame graphics, with or without test. Design exciters that differentiate the action and environment in your center.

Or, use these brief messages as creative advertising and promotional opportunities.