Balls not reaching lift rods

I have a lot of problems with bowling balls not getting into the lift rods.

Look at the dimension between the top of the (rear) pit board and the top of the ball wheel. There should be a minimum of a 3/8” drop from the pit board to the ball wheel. One thing that can affect this dimension is if the ball wheel is not fully seated on the lower ball wheel guide rollers.

With power disconnected to the pinsetter, release the idler pulley tension spring for the ball wheel belt and see if the wheel drops down at all. If this happens, readjust the top guide rollers down onto the top of the ball wheel. Using the “A Frame” style of urethane pit conveyor mounts that are too old can also cause the mounts to sag, lowering the overall height of the pit board.

As a check, compare the existing mounts to a new set of urethane mounts to ensure they are not bowed or sagging. A final check should include inspecting any ball wheel kicker materials. If you are using a thick type of kicker material, check to make sure there is still a positive drop onto the ball wheel when the kicker material is in front of the pit board. It is possible to have kicker material that is too high and actually “kicks” the ball back into the pit!