Gearbox Clutch Maintenance

Poor maintenance of the gearbox clutch and worm shaft assembly can increase machine cycling, resulting in costly repairs and pinsetter downtime. The gearbox clutch should be disassembled and checked once a year for worn facings, bad bearings, worn clutch shoes and proper lubrication. The worm shaft splines should also be checked for wear and proper lubrication. This is also a great time to fix any oil leaks coming from bad gaskets or worm shaft assembly seals.

If this is your first time removing the gearbox clutch from the pinsetter, follow the procedure in the Automatic Gearbox Disassembly Manual (part # 12-900903-000) or consider attending one of Brunswick’s detector seminars.

After removing the clutch assembly, clean and inspect the following areas for wear:

  • Check the drive disc assembly and the clutch drive pulley for worn facings and splines. Examine the bearing mounted to the drive pulley and make sure the bushing mounted to the bearing (on the external part of the drive disc) is not loose.
  • Check the clutch drive disc (cone) for worn splines and alignment pin wear.
  • Inspect the clutch yoke and bearing assembly at the bottom of the yoke. Use the yoke repair kit, part number 12-860672-000, to repair a worn hole in the yoke.
  • Check the clutch shoes for wear. If there are rivet wear marks, replace.
  • Inspect the clutch lever bearing for wear. Also, inspect the lever near the pin and the x-washer for wear.
  • Clean the worm shaft thoroughly and inspect the splines for wear. If wear is present, remove the worm shaft and replace. If the splines are not worn, check for leaks at the gasket and oil seal of the clutch. When rebuilding your clutch, it is always a good idea to keep a few of the oil leak repair kits on hand, part number 12-860603-000.

Note: If the worm shaft is worn or the seals and gaskets are leaking oil, put the deck down on blocks of wood. This relieves pressure from the gear train of the gearbox, allowing the removal of the worn worm shaft, seals and gaskets that are leaking oil.