Pins on top of turret guide wires

I get pins on top of my turret guide wires or have sluggish indexing when my pins go into the turret guide wires.

The cause may be a pin gate that has become deformed over time can cause this. (Usually this happens when a pin chaser leans on a waiting pin while re-spotting other pins for the bowlers.) The pin gate locks as the neck of a pin passes over the top of it, allowing the pin gate to follow the contour of the pin. The locked pin gate provides the “kick” to the head of the pin as it passes over the top of it. This kick to the head of the pin positions the base of the pin down toward the indexing lever and allows the pin to properly fall into the guide wire with enough force to trip the indexing lever.

To check this condition, lock your pin gate and place a pin over the top of it, with the pin gate located in the highest part of the pin neck. You should have no more than �� of free play in your pin gate. If you have more than this, it will be necessary to “reform” the pin gate to a more open position. (Remember, as professionals, we “reform” parts, we don’t “bend” them. Amateurs tend to “bend” parts!)