Pit Conveyor Housing Modification

This tip will ensure the bearings are secure inside the housing. In the event the housing is worn and will not hold the bearing securely, the worn housing can be modified to work until it can be replaced.

  1. Remove the housing (and large bearing) from the drive shaft assembly. Remove bearing from the housing. Clean the housing, removing all grease and dirt.
  2. Mount the housing in a vise and drill a �� hole straight through the side of the housing (Figure 1).
  3. After drilling the hole through the housing, take a �� x 20 tap and tap the hole. Make sure to take your time to prevent breaking off the tap in the housing (Figure 2).
  4. Clean and remove all shavings from the housing. Use compressed air to remove shavings from the threaded hole (Figure 3).
  5. Reinstall the bearing in the housing and install on the drive shaft.
  6. After the bearing and housing are installed in the drive shaft, take a 11-001188-001 Hex Head Cap Screw �� -20 × 1-1/4” and thread a 11-125100-001 Hex Nut �� onto the screw. Install in threaded hole on the side of the housing. Leave the screw loose until the pit drive shaft assembly is installed on the main frame (Figure 4 and 5).
  7. With the drive shaft mounted to the frame, thread the screw into the housing until it slightly touches the bearing. Then, secure the nut to the housing.

After reassembling the clutch, perform adjustment #23 (Pit Conveyor Adjustment). The adjustments can be found in your 12-752828-000 Brunswick A-2 Automatic Pinsetter Service Manual on page 3-28.

*Adjustment #23 “Pit Conveyor Adjustment” Page 3-28 *

This adjustment is made to ensure that the pit conveyor is within the ABC/WIBC required distance below the lane surface to prevent pins from rebounding from the pit to the lane. The adjustment is also made to ensure that the ball and pins will easily transfer from the pit to the elevator.

  1. Remove the pit board from the pit conveyor and measure the distance from the lane surface to the bottom of the pit conveyor frame. This dimension should be 13- �� (�1/16) and can be obtained by adding or removing shims between the sub-mounting plates and the pit conveyor frame.
  2. Check the pit conveyor frame at all four corners to ensure that the frame is level. Shims can be added or removed between the sub-mounting plates and pit conveyor frame to level the pit conveyor. Replace the pit board.

Figure 1

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