Spider Lock Failure

Occasionally, my spider assembly fails to lock, causing me to get two pins in the #8 pin bucket and no pin in the #9 pin bucket, causing a deck jam.

This is a common occurrence, especially if the center has recently installed synthetic lanes. The overlay raises the height of the lane surface to the pinsetter. This means that either the machine must be raised or the deck lowering link must be adjusted up to prevent the deck assembly from hitting the new lane surface when setting new pins.

If only the lowering link is adjusted to raise the deck height, the deck may be too close to the turret when it is up at 0 degrees. This can allow the head of the 5 pin to occasionally hold the pin release lever down after it has been released to the moving deck. If this happens (even for a split second) it will allow the spider assembly to remain unlocked. The next pin to drop into the turret (the 9 pin position) will fall through the unlocked spoon and into the #8 pin deck bucket below. When the turret indexes, the spider will lock, allowing the turret to fill and deliver all but the missing #9 pin and a second #8 pin to the waiting deck.