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File a Claim

Brunswick’s Warranty Resolution team is here to assist you in resolving your product issues. Our goal is to process your claim within one business day. We also prioritize all warranty shipments to minimize machine down time.

The quickest and easiest way to file a warranty claim is to use our online warranty claim form. Simply fill out the form and press “send” to have your claim automatically entered into our warranty system. Your warranty claim will typically be processed within one business day. Once a Warranty Administrator has processed your claim, you will receive an email that will include a Warranty Claim Summary. The summary will show the reference number assigned to your warranty claim, list all products claimed, show the claim status, along with any special circumstances such as back orders, and include instructions for returning the defective product if required.

If you need urgent information regarding your claim submission contact the Warranty Resolution Department directly.

Toll Free: 800-937-2695

Warranty Schedule

Warranty is provided by the product manufacturer for certain items as listed in the Brunswick Warranty Schedule. To obtain warranty support for those products, contact the manufacturer directly. Click here for a full list of our warranty partners.

Extended Warranty

All new Brunswick capital equipment is covered by a minimum one-year factory warranty. In the rare case that any of your new equipment has a defective part during the first year that you own it, Brunswick will promptly repair or replace it. Beyond that, Brunswick offers the industry’s best extended warranty.

Think of the Brunswick Extended Warranty program as an insurance policy for some of your most important business assets – the equipment you absolutely need to work to make your center run smoothly. You don’t expect this equipment to fail, and neither do we. But unfortunately it can occur. With Brunswick Extended Warranties, even if something unforeseen does happen, the consequences and costs won’t be nearly as adverse.

What’s Covered

We offer extended warranties to cover Vector and Vector Plus Center Network Systems, NEC LCD Overhead Monitors, GS-X Pinsetters, Exhibio Digital Signage and other equipment.

Available Plans

Brunswick Extended Warranties cover the buyer for one-, two- or three-years beyond the factory warranty expiration date, depending on which option the buyer chooses. These warranties cover all replacement parts and assemblies for the malfunctioning equipment (or Brunswick may elect to repair the malfunctioning part/assembly).

Piece of Mind

And all Brunswick Extended Warranties are priced to save you a bundle compared to the typical repair bills for major bowling center equipment. You can purchase Brunswick Extended Warranties anytime within the warranty period that you own a piece of coverable equipment – but no later!

Program Highlights

  • Offered on any of the following equipment: – Sync or Vector or Vector Plus Scoring & Management Systems (servers, front-desk terminals, client terminals, and scoring consoles); – Samsung LED Overhead Monitors; – GS-X or StringPin Pinsetters; – Exhibio Digital Signage – Other Equipment
  • Gives buyers the option of covering one, two, or three years from the Extended Warranty start date, which is 1 year + 1 day after the purchase date of the covered equipment
  • Are guaranteed renewable at the same prices for as long as you own the covered equipment, as long as there is no lapse in coverage
  • Covers needed replacement parts only (or for Brunswick to repair/reconditioned faulty part[s] at our discretion); does not include service or on-site repairs
  • Priced to cost only a fraction of what it typically costs to repair an uncovered piece of major equipment

Learn More

To learn more about Brunswick Extended Warranties, including pricing, restrictions and other details, call one of our warranty experts at 800-937-2695.